I believe that every person, every object and every idea has a story. I love listening to that story, dusting it off to develop moving events that tell that story, whispering it as you and your guests turn every corner. I believe that every couple should have the freedom to celebrate their wedding in a way they truly love and feel comfortable about.


Beauty has enormous value and I love to find it and create it in unexpected places.


I love intimate weddings. The couple surrounded by the people they cherish the most. There are always a few tears, always lots of belly laughs and lots of love. The people by your side that day are the special ones. Making their experience of your wedding day engaging, joyful and stress-free is just so important.


I believe in love, yup I am a hopeless romantic. Every day I am left in awe of what love can do. It makes ordinary people do extra-ordinary things, every single day.

The small things

I love details! OK details are the little things but I feel they make the biggest impact, even for years to come.


I believe in transparency. I am an open book in all aspects of my life and work. I have set up my business to reflect this at every level. I work exclusively for you and accept payment only from you, not locations or other suppliers. That way you always know that the suggestions I give are in your best interests. I am always on your side.


I believe creativity makes the world a better place. New, fresh ideas which captivate are what I am all about.

Photo credit: Irene Fucci Photography